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Breeze: The cuticle is intact. We use a technique that aligns the cuticles in the same direction. This means your hair is stronger, and will last longer. Breeze is smooth with medium shine, single drawn, regular density hair. With care Breeze quality can last over 1 year or more. Dye this hair to color #33  (auburn) comfortably. 


Delivery Information: Your average hair delivery time is 7 days. This is because we are producing and sending your hair from 1000s of miles away. Don't worry however. We do have stock in the US for popular bundles. Larger orders may need to be customized and could increase your average delivery date to 10 days. 


Refunds are not available, however we can replace your order within 7 days after receiving it if the hair is in its original condition and packaging, and returned to us. We have return centers in the U.S. and in China.



Breeze (Remy) Bundle