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We are Amoy Allure. We specialize in providing 100% human hair extensions and wigs. We combine competitive wholesale and retail pricing, with good service, and great quality." 


We are knowledgable about the industry that we are in. Something we are very proud of. Our story begins in China. Founder and CEO, Darryl Antwan was introduced to the hair industry after a stranger offered hair courses on the popular Chinese social media app WeChat. He paid the equivalent of $250 USD in Chinese Yuan for the hair courses. After completing the course he and his partner traveled  Amoy Allure has been in the industry since 2017 and officially launched in 20. The first year we focused on learning the industry from the production side."

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

"My biggest hobby is culture. Whenever I get the chance to travel and experience different people and cultures, and learn different languages around the world I'm at my happiest.  I studied anthropology in college. Although it is a historically european science, I have come to make it my own. The focus on human connection in anthropology has helped a lot in developing Amoy Allure as an international company with a personal feel to it.  I also enjoy reading history, and giving back in the form of community service."

What kind of impact do you plan to have?

"Some key terms would be: standardizing the market, Black/African ownership, Black/African empowerment, women business owners, generational wealth, employee ownership and community service."

What do you like about the industry most?  

"The hair extension and wig industry is a dynamic and booming industry. Some estimates show in the next 5 years, the hair extension market will grow by $1 billion. So this is a motivating factor. However, pride is also at the foundation of Amoy Allure. We envision creating and aiding as many Black entrepreneurs in this industry as possible so that we aren't just running to the beauty supply store to purchase what we need, but rather, we are the beauty supply store and we are the producers."

What do you dislike about the industry most?  

"This is easy. THERE IS NO INDUSTRY STANDARD. One of our aims is to assist to standardize the industry so that when we say this hair is "Cambodian" we trust it comes from hair villages in Cambodia. Or when we say this hair is "virgin" or "raw" we trust that the hair comes from a single donor or is unprocessed. There is no standard like this right now. We have the market saying hair is from here or from there, and most often it isn't from the place they are told it is from. Another point is the market is largely not sure if hair is ethically sourced. One of our social conscious aims is to eventually only produce and sell ethically sourced hair."

How would you say the industry changed since you started?


"It is a dynamic industry. Hair is a fashion statement so customers are always looking for something different, new and of quality. One notable thing is that more  of our market is demanding wigs, and less weft bundles. These aren't your granny's wigs though. I think the demand for wigs may be due to the Neo-natural hair movement that began around 2010. Even though sporting your natural hair  is popular nowadays the desire to change one's looks fits into the idea that your hair is a fashion. Wigs provide both a protective style for your natural hair, and new look for clients."

How has your personal life changed since you started?

"I moved to China in 2016 after having studied Chinese language and culture in college and wanting to experience China first hand. I had arrived in China as a high school teacher teaching Intro to Business courses, but a distant goal was to examine business opportunities. One year later I found an opportunity to take a course in hair extensions and the industry. Since then, I worked the company part-time, travelling to production centers, and Asian hair markets, and today, working the company full-time."

What's something a lot of people don't know about you?  

"I'm a professional latin dancer. I began dancing salsa and merengue in my high school Spanish Club when I was 14. I choreographed and taught my first salsa dance when I was 16, and began teaching professionally when I was about 22. Over the years I have been hired for private lessons and dance schools to teach. Another shameless plug is I speak 4 languages."

In what ways have your family had to adapt to your lifestyle?


"We are a family run company. Everyone does a little to keep the company going and are excited to be a part. That's a blessing. The women in my life work as models, testers, and quality control specialists. The men in my life work as marketers, and in other areas. I try to balance work with family by setting limits and planning times to spend with them."

What/who were some of your influences coming up? 

"I would be remiss if I did not mention my Mother. My Mother was, and still is, a fierce organizer. Growing up she ran nonprofits and community organizations at schools and in the communities where we lived. Later she created a new-infant care services company and saw much success there. Seeing that my  Mother did it and how she did it made me feel sure that I could do it too."

Who is your biggest supporter? 

"No doubt, my family."

What's some of the best qualities you think you should have to be successful in this industry?


"That's a good question. As we grow I am learning both the qualities that are needed to be a good business owner, and the qualities that are needed to be successful in the hair industry. Discipline is key for achieving success in any endeavor I think. Having served in the military, discipline is a skill I had to learn and has aided me through every step of my life journey. Listening and responding effectively are skills that I think I'll need to sharpen as I move forward.

Do you have any advice for any upcoming brands or influencers? 

Sure. Whatever you are thinking you want to do, do it! Just get started, and things will come together with time."

What is your long term objective in this industry?  

"Amoy Allure will source ethically produced hair and produce in our own factories. We will provide employment and establish countless owners through our brand."


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“Motivated and passionate about what I do. I love seeing your light shine brighter when you look in the mirror after a service. I am my clients' biggest fan. When they look and feel good. I look and feel good. My professional title is a "Master Cosmetologist" and make up artist, with 25 plus years experience.  I specialize in healthy hair growth and regrowth. Let me help you with your journey to healthier hair.”

Serving Atlanta Metro Area. 

Other specializations include: custom wigs, sew-ins, braiding, and more.

Contact Natasha at 770.899.5938






Community and community engagement are at the core of Amoy Allure. At the foundation of our brand is having a stake in the communities we aim to service. This is why we are both hands-on and provide a part of profits to grass-roots and international community organizations. We support community organizations in Asia, Africa, and the United States, which includes:


To support, empower, and educate each other about our differences and similarities, and to build allies across national and international communities.








To collectivize the vast skills of Africans around the world in order to establish community based development projects that improve the quality of life for African people everywhere while promoting self-reliance and self-determination as key to genuine, sustainable development.






Fighting for self-determination of all African people around the world. 













Empowering and educating globally. 

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